How To Maintain and Troubleshoot Hog Slat's GROW-DISK Feeding System

8 May 2015, at 8:00pm

GLOBAL - Appropriate maintenance and troubleshooting of a GROW-DISK chain feeding system will lead to smooth operation and a longer lifetime of the components.

Use this inspection checklist as a guide to maintaining your GROW-DISKTM feed system.

**Caution: Disconnect power before performing any maintenance.

Grow-Disk Maintenance

Daily Inspection

  • Monitor system amperage load

Monthly Inspection

  • Open unit and remove feed residue
  • Check chain tension

Every 6 Months Inspection

  • Remove dust from drive unit ventilator
  • Check functioning of safety switch
  • Check proximity switch
  • Check any/all other safety devices or sensors

Once a Year Inspection

  • Check idler wheel and drive sprocket for wear
  • Check corners. Remove residue. Verify tube position.
  • Check system wiring for damage

Grow-Disk Troubleshooting

If you experience an issue with a GROW-DISK Feed System, initial machinery inspection is important. Any troubleshooting exercise should begin with a thorough investigation of the machine, process, design, operation, and system maintenance records. To assist in troubleshooting the GROW-DISK feed system, use the GROW-DISK Troubleshooting Chart.

To learn more about the GROW-DISK Feed System, click here.
Hog Slat's Grow-Disk Feed System