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World Pork Expo: Biomin's Digestarom focuses on growing, finishing pigs

11 June 2018, at 12:00am

Speaking live from the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, Raj Murugesan, technical officer with Biomin America, shared new data from Digestarom Finish and spoke about a new product solution Biomin will be launching in fall 2018

"At World Pork Expo, our major focus is Digestarom Finish. This is a product that we are positioning for growing and finishing pigs to increase the lean weight gain," said Murugesan. "We have some recent trial data. Digestarom Finish has some improved performance information here on increased average daily weight gain, improved feed conversion ratio, and increased body weight gain."

New study data showed that Digestarom Finish significantly increased the percentage of pigs that were over 220 pounds compared to the control.

"This is a very, very significant change and benefit when feeding Digestarom Finish. It just pushes for heavier pigs in the same time frame which saves a lot of money for producers," he said.

Pigs that are receiving Digestarom Finish improved muscle tenderness.

"That is being perceived as a very nice trait. When we increase body weight gain, it's not compromising meat quality, rather it's actually improving the meat quality," he noted.

What's next?

Biomin has a new solution coming, Biotronic Top3, for gram-negative pathogen control.

"This is a cutting-edge technology that we're working with incorporating a permeabilizing complex that can break through one of the strongest cell walls, the gram-negative cell wall, like a wrecking ball punching through a hole," he said. "It can open it up so the cinnamaldehyde and the organic acid, the formic acid can penetrate through the hole, get to the cell and cause subtle effects, which means killing the bacterial cell."

The new product is a unique blend of organic acids, a phytochemical compound, and the Biomin Permeabilizing Complex. Murugesan said it's expected to be available in the next three months.

World Pork Expo is the world's largest pork-specific trade show and is presented by US-based National Pork Producers Council. About 20,000 producers, employees, industry specialists and other pork professionals, including 1,000 international visitors, participate in the three-day event.

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