Efficiency of Biotronic Product Line in Pigs

Due to their strong antimicrobial effect, acidifiers assist in improving feed and water hygiene standards. BIOMIN GmbH provides Biotronic® acidifier line, a family of products, combined from selected blends of organic acids.
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The latest know-how technology enables BIOMIN GmbH to create the highly effective acidifier products and to assure their continual functionality through feed and water into animals’ gastro-intestinal tract.

The effects of Biotronic® products were investigated in various scientific and field trials with pigs. These tests were carried out under different conditions following elaborate protocols. Supplementation with Biotronic® acidifier in weaning pigs improved on average feed conversion rates by 8%, average daily weight gain by 7.8% and decreased diarrhea rates by 57% in comparison to control groups. Under practical conditions in most of the trials the net return on investments (ROI) of Biotronic® acidifier products was higher than 1:8. Some of the trials which were carried out are highlighted below.

Post-Weaning Piglet Trial with Biotronic® SE on Commercial Farm, Germany

The trial was conducted with 80 piglets (35 days old) which were fed either the control diet or the same diet with the supplemental Biotronic® SE (4 kg/t feed) during a period of 35 days. As shown in Table 1, feed intake (FI), average daily weight gain (ADG) and feed conversion rate (FCR) were improved by 2.8, 5.8 and 2.7%, respectively, in the trial group compared to the control group. Net return on investments (ROI) for Biotronic® SE was 1:8. The calculation is shown in Table 2.

Table 1. Piglet performance in response to Biotronic® SE

Control Biotronic® SE Difference %
No. of pigs 40 40
Initial weight (kg) 7.55 7.93
Final weight (kg) 23.1 24.0 + 3.9
FI/ day (g) 810 833 + 2.8
ADG (g) 445 471 + 5.8
FCR 1.82 1.77 - 2.7

Table 2. ROI calculation for Biotronic® SE in pigs

Item Units Control Group Biotronic® SE 4kg/t
Final BW of pig kg 23.1 24.0
Revenue per pig 46.2 48.0
Feed intake per pig kg 28.4 29.2
Feed cost per pig 9.6 10.1
Cost of additive per pig 0 0.16
Revenue-feed cost per pig 36.6 37.9
ROI 1:8

Post-weaning piglet trial with Biotronic® SE forte on commercial farm, Austria

The trial was conducted with 180 piglets which were fed either the control diet or the same diet with the supplemental Biotronic® SE forte (5 kg/t feed) during a period of 13 days. As shown in Table 3, ADG and FCR were improved by 13.4 and 3.2 %, respectively, and diarrhoea ratio decreased by 56.5% in the trial group compared to the control.

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