Freetilizer Technology – FAQs about the benefits in a livestock operation

Digging deeper into the Freetilizer Technology
calendar icon 14 March 2023
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Following all the latest published publications, it was possible to perceive the wide applications of Freetilizer's enzymatic hydrolysis technology in the valorization of livestock waste as well the environmental, social and economic benefits.

However, the best way to understand the potential of Freetilizer technology is to imagine it in livestock farms as an integral part of the production process. The valorization of organic waste should not be the end of the production process, but an intermediate step in obtaining a new source of income.

This framework is independent of the type of animal or where in the world the livestock farm is located. But first, it depends on the awareness of the advantages of this disruptive technology and the willingness to innovate and act with a vision for the future.

Having already been introduced to Freetilizer technology, there is always a need to know more in order to consolidate data. So that you can dig deeper into the Freetilizer technology, we have listed additional questions that we are asked. 

How can a livestock operation use Freetilizer?

What type of livestock producer is best suited to the Freetilizer technology? 

Why is Freetilizer the best way to dispose of livestock waste? 

How can a producer take the next step to learn more about Freetilizer

Is it possible to attach a packaging line to Freetilizer industrial line? 

    We hope that we have properly informed you about the Freetilizer technology and have clarified any questions that may have persisted.

    Ready to learn more? We look forward to speaking with you further about how Freetilizer can help turn your organic waste into an additional revenue stream for your farming operation.

    We are looking forward to your contact.

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