Longer-Term R&D priorities for the British Pig Industry

Prepared by David Thelwall for the British Pig Executive - BPEX has requested MLC to conduct a review of the long-term (5 to 15 years) research requirements of the British Pig Industry and the resources required to service this need, including the future role of the Stotfold Pig Development Unit.
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British Pig Executive


In order to do this, a Working Group of all the key stakeholders has been established. PMS has been asked to serve on the Working Group and to undertake the key tasks required to complete such a review.


  • To consider long term (5-15 years) strategic priorities in the sector and to identify likely R&D1 requirements and resources required.

  • To consider the need for a Research & Development pig production facility including function and long-term suitability of the Stotfold site.

  • To prepare a business case (if warranted) for a new facility to undertake R&D for the British Pig Industry.

  • To make recommendations to BPEX.

1 In the context of this review, R&D is mainly restricted to applied, near-market research which is the type of research that BPEX/MLC principally sponsors. However, more fundamental research both flows from and is followed by such applied research. Therefore, these interactions between basic & applied research (and their consequences in the context of this review) will be considered during this review but Applied Research areas will be the focus.


  1. Introduction
  2. Objective
  3. Modus Operandi
  4. Approach
  5. Initial Workshop
  6. Personal Discussions
    • Technology Transfer
    • Focus
      • Added-value Focus
      • Science Focus
      • BPEX Focus
    • Disease Research Disconnect
    • Talent Timebomb
    • Communication
    • Applied Research the priority
      • Stotfold and Stotfold Concept
      • Danish Model
    • Personal discussions concluded
  7. BPEX Pig Research Framework
    • Current position
    • Definition
    • Pig Research defined
    • Key Tenets
      • Hypothesis driven
      • Research Continuum
      • Implementation Imperative
      • Additionality
      • Process and Practice Audit
      • Ranking of Research Needs and Technical Programmes
      • Procurement
      • Competitive Work
      • Transparency
      • BPEX Research Management
    • Framework Summary
  8. Technical options and programme rankings
    • Technical options
    • Technical Programmes
    • Processing Research Needs
    • Public Policy research
    • Technical Programmes described
    • Cost Benefit analysis
      • Discount Rates
    • Detailed Analysis
      • Disease
      • Nutrient Management
      • Genetics
      • Consumer & Processing
    • Ranked by Net Present Value (NPV)
    • Further Insights
      • Meat Quality
      • Process Engineering Research
      • E-commerce
      • Genotype testing
      • Global Horizon Scanning
    • Technical Options and rankings concluded
  9. New Pig Development Centre
    • Research Continuum
    • Focal Point
    • Cost versus Value Stotfold
    • Development Pig Unit Design
    • Location
      • Location Criteria
  10. Business Case
    • Approach
    • Resources and Budget
      • General
      • Strategic Research
      • Public Policy Research
      • Development Unit
      • Demonstration and Extension Staff
      • Management overhead
      • Research Liaison cost Depreciation
      • Double Counting
    • Funding Realism
    • Options Analysis
  11. Recommendations
    • New Paradigm Urgent
    • New Development Centre
    • Disease Disconnected
    • R&D Management
    • Key Tenets
    • Technical Division
    • Increased Extension programme now
    • Meat Quality
  12. Conclusion
    • Transition Costs

Further Information

To read the full report, please click here (PDF)

Source: British Pig Executive - 20th May 2004

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