Practical Diets for Pigs

by 5m Editor
4 July 2001, at 12:00am

By D. J. Peer, R. Ball, L. Young; OMAFRA - This Factsheet suggests some simple, but adequate diets for pigs that can be made easily and economically on the farm. Included in the Factsheet are: definitions of nutritional terms; a conversion table; samples of practical diets for starting, growing, finishing pigs and dry and nursing sows; and a table showing the nutrient levels of premixes and supplements used in this Factsheet.

Digestible energy values are given in both megajoules and megacalories, and the nutrient analyses of the sample diets are quoted on a dry matter basis (see Samples of Practical Diets).

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Definitions of Nutritional Terms
  • Samples of Practical Diets
  • Table 1. Conversion Equations
  • Table 2. Practical Starter (10-20 kg live weight) Diets
  • Table 3. Practical Grower (20-50 kg) Diets
  • Table 4. Practical Finisher (50 - 100 kg) Diets
  • Table 5. Practical Sow Diets
  • Compositions of Premixes and Supplements used Here
  • Table 6. Composition of Premixes and Supplements Unsed in this Factsheet (dry matter basis) Introduction
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Published February 2001.
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