Water Supply Systems: Prevention of Contamination and Waste of Drinking Water Supplies: Agricultural Premises

by 5m Editor
15 April 2009, at 12:00am

Information for anyone installing, modifying or maintaining plumbing installations on farms in the UK from the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

This publication, provided by BPEX, covers the following contents (link below):

  • Scope of this Guide
  • Responsibilities
  • Causes of contamination and waste
    • What to look for
    • Some useful definitions
  • Preventing contamination
  • Examples of risks
    • Typical backflow prevention arrangements and devices
    • Irrigation systems
    • Approved fittings
  • Technical notes and diagrams
    • Typical backflow prevention arrangements
    • Examples of agricultural plumbing layouts
    • Hose union taps
    • Animal drinking troughs and bowls
  • If you want to carry out alterations to your plumbing system
  • Points to remember
  • Where to seek advice and information

Further Reading

- You can view the full publication Water Supply Systems: Preventention of Contamination and Waste of Drinking Water Supplies by clicking here.

May 2009