Housing of Farrowing and Lactating Sows in Non-Crate Systems

by 5m Editor
20 May 2009, at 12:00am

The proceedings of a conference that was held in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2008. Edited by Lene Juul Pedersen and Vivi Aarestrup Moustsen, they were published at the end of last year.

To see the full proceedings of the meeting in PDF format, click here, or click on the titles below for individual papers.

  • Breeding for improved piglet survival in non crate systems: the UK perspective - Sandra Edwards, Rainer Roehe and Alistair Lawrence
  • Neonatal piglet mortality: outdoor production versus indoor pen-housing in relation to breeding for improved survival - Emma M. Baxter
  • Neonatal piglet mortality: crates versus indoor pen housing in relation to breeding for improved survival - Lene J. Pedersen
  • Piglet mortality on farms using farrowing systems with and without crates - Beat Wechsler
  • Research activities in Norway on sow behaviour, farrowing environment and management: piglet mortality: importance of maternal behaviour and investment in the litter, management and factors related to the farrowing pen - Inger Lise Andersen
  • Important pen features and management in farrowing pens for loose housed sows - Lene J. Pedersen
  • Prototype pens and functional systems - Vivi Aarestrup Moustsen and Lene J. Pedersen
  • Trends and developments of farrowing pens - Bo Algers
  • Welfare and economic aspects of non-crate farrowing systems - Johannes Baumgartner
  • A producer's perspective on farrowing pens for loose housed sows - Svend Erik Dalsgaard Justesen
  • The Danish Animal Welfare Society's perspective on farrowing pens for loose housed sows - Birgitte Damm
  • Challenges regarding pen design, productivity and experiences related to production of pork for the global market - Niels-Peder Nielsen

May 2009