Implementing technology on swine farms: Obstacles and ways to overcome

Swine it #141 with Aiden Connolly
calendar icon 3 May 2022
clock icon 2 minute read

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As we have said before, swine farms need to continue to advance technologically if we want to be more profitable in the future. The main obstacle with this is finding ways with the current labor issues to implement these technological advancements. In this episode, Laura talks with Aidan Connolly about those obstacles, what the future holds for swine farms, and what we need to change to make that dream a reality.

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What you will learn:

1. What technology today could transform livestock production

2. Labor issues in the industry

3. Managing logistics of implementing technology

4. What technologies can be implemented today?

5. Main obstacles prohibiting technology implementation

6. Key points

Meet the guest: Aidan Connolly is the Founder and President of Agritech Capital. Agritech Capital is a resource for new and established companies working at the interface of agriculture and technology. AgriTech Capital has aided governments, fortune 500 food companies and large agri-businesses on their AgTech strategy. Prior to this, Aidan held the position of CIO at Alltech. With 30 years of experience in strategic analysis and planning. Aidan adds the innovative thinking and capital investment needed to go from possibility to reality. He has a strategic understanding of the marketplace and the regulatory parameters that set the environment. Aidan has worked in over 100 countries and speaks five languages. He has worked in political associations, with state and national governments in the US, China, Europe and Brazil, international organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations. Aidan also contributes to a wide range of publications in agriculture and business, including Forbes. Aidan also served as the CEO of Cainthus until this past January, a computer vision and artificial intelligence company specialized in monitoring key farm management practices that impact nutrition, health and the behavior of livestock.

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