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Nebraska Swine Report 2007

by 5m Editor
26 February 2007, at 12:00am

By the University of Nebraska - This page links all of the Nebraska Swine Report 2007 articles.

University of Nebraska Agricultural Research Division


Practical Pig Research is His Niche
History of the Nebraska Feeder Pig Expo

  • Impact of a Variable Number of Out-of-Feed Events on Grow-Finish Performance
  • Effects of Nutrition During Gilt Development on Lifetime Productivity of Sows of Two Prolific Maternal Lines: Preliminary Report of Reproductive Characteristics
  • Effects of Nutrition During Gilt Development on Lifetime Productivity of Sows of Two Prolific Maternal Lines: Growth Characteristics of Replicate 1,2, and 3 Gilts
  • Effect of a Commercial Feed Additive on Sow Feed Disappearance and Litter Performance in Two Maternal Lines
  • Serum Vitamin B12 , and Homocysteine Concentrations of Weanling Pigs Fed Increased Levels of Dietary Vitamin B
  • Effects of Repaxol® and Aciprol on Growth Performance of Weaned Pigs Challenged with Escherichia Coli K88
  • Effect of Ractopamine (Paylean® ) and Lysine: Net Energy Ratio on Growth Performance and Plasma Urea Nitrogen Concentration of Late-Finishing Barrows Fed Low-Protein Amino Add-Supplemented Diets
  • The Effect of Dietary Selenium on Pork Carcass Quality and Longissimus Color Stability
  • The Effect of Organic and Inorganic Selenium on Smoked Pork Chop Color
  • Genetics Affect Incidence of Porcine Circovirus Associated Disease
  • The Effect of Sodium Lactate and Sodium Citrate Solutions on the Quality Characteristics of Restructured Hams
Business Management
  • Corn Prices, Ethanol and Feed Price Outlook
  • Explanation of Statistics Used In This Report
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