Take the next step towards valorization of pig slurry

An eco friendly approach to treat pig slurry, creating added economic value
calendar icon 5 July 2022
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There is a need for alternative approaches to treat pig slurry with adequate management that should be characterized by an efficient treatment that is economically viable as well as eco-friendly.

Freetilizer is a unique and innovative technology that applies the most efficient industrial processes for the valorisation of pig slurry, with a zero-waste approach. The Freetilizer technology is based on a hydrolysis process that applies specific enzymes in a reactor with controlled pH and temperature conditions, allowing an increased bioavailability of nutrients in a 24-hour process. Finally, the vacuum drying process enables water evaporation at lower temperatures, which allows the preservation of nutrients from the organic fertilizer with low energy consumption and without the use of fossil fuels as an energy source.

The technique applies an optimized solid-liquid mechanical separation supplemented with additives rendering the highest yield of liquid fraction and enhancing the translocation of nutrients to the solid fraction.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that a treatment for pig slurry allows a producer to draw value from both fractions, promoting the integration of pig farming into the circular economy concept.

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