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Swine it #37: Wean-to-finish mortality: infectious causes - Dr Jordan Gebhardt

21 May 2020, at 2:04pm

Today's episode will cover “Wean-to-finish mortality: infectious causes”. Our guest is Dr Jordan Gebhardt. Dr. Gebhardt graduated with high honor from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Animal Science and was a member of the Honor’s College. Also, Jordan completed two internships in the animal health and nutrition industries. He completed both his DVM and Ph.D. (swine nutrition) at Kansas State University in 2019 and currently holds a post-doc position at K-State.

What you will learn:

  • Systems-based overview of infectious etiologies;
  • Intervention-based overview;
  • Rapid-fire questions: short questions about depopulation, elimination, infectious agents.

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A lot of the contributing factors to mortality for both an infectious and non-infectious standpoint occur early on in that pigs’ life. Piglet birth weight, colostrum management, weaning age… those factors do have long-term impacts on the animal. It's the combination of this intertwined, extremely complicated, matrix that ultimately results in the observed mortality.

Dr Jordan Gebhardt.
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