Swine it #40: Microbiome, COVID-19, and Pelleting - Dr Chad Hastad

24 May 2020, at 12:02pm

Our guest is Dr Chad Hastad, with Bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences (South Dakota State University) and a Masters and Ph.D. in Swine Nutrition (Kansas State University). Currently, director of nutrition, research, and operational support at New Fashion Pork.

What you will learn:

  • Thoughts on the gut microbiome and pellet quality;
  • Feed mitigation strategies;
  • Sow replacement models;
  • Advice for young swine professionals;
  • Challenging the status quo;
  • How can allied industry help, right now?

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You know what those maximum performances are for average daily gain, and we have very good models for that. If I go to 90 percent or 87 percent percent or whatever that number is, how slow can I bring those pigs, and what’s the impact on feed efficiency?

Dr Chad Hastad