Swine it roundtable: What’s going on in the pork industry?

With Dr Dean Boyd, Dr Brent Frederick and Mark Hulsebus

11 August 2020, at 3:45pm

It is time for our Swine it Podcast Roundtable…

If you missed the first episode, this is a series of episodes envisioned by the Swine it Podcast and Provimi, where we will have roundtable discussions with experts of the global swine industry tackling subjects that can influence the producer’s bottom line.

On this episode, I chatted with Dr. Dean Boyd, Dr. Brent Frederick and Mark Hulsebus, about “What’s going on in the pork industry?”.

Here are the highlights:

  • The state of the industry;
  • What should we be thinking about right now;
  • This crisis compared to anything in the past;
  • Range of strategies in the recent past to slow pigs down;
  • Market outlook and how should we be setting up the diets to be ready for it;
  • What are the most successful producers doing right now to handle with the crisis;
  • Advice for young professionals of the swine industry.