Swine it #64: Emotional health through hard times in pig production - Kristi Rowles and Daryl Possberg

4 November 2020, at 8:00am

There are days where you just need to turn your mind off and you need to be doing something that is just not going to tax you too much and a little bit of physical exertion. For whatever reason, it would seem to make everything feel better for a little bit.

Daryl Possberg

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What you will learn:

• How COVID-19 affected pig production and packing plants;

• Tools and mental processes to help through hard times;

• Thoughts on communication and social media;

• Insights on potential solutions from a business standpoint.

Meet the guests: Daryl Possberg, currently General Manager at Polar Pork Farms, holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics (University of Saskatchewan), and a Master of Business Administration in Agricultural Business and Management (University of Guelph).

Kristi Rowles, currently certified Enneagram coach and consultant, holds a Bachelor's degree in Family Science and Youth Leadership-Development, and a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling.