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Swine it #66: The nutrition secrets for good pig health and performance - Dr. Nicholas Gabler

11 December 2020, at 10:16am

We need to do a better job of actually putting a host response together with the microbial response to whatever intervention or treatment is done. And then, what are the metabolites that are being produced and how is the pig utilizing them and where is it utilizing those microbial metabolites?

Dr. Nicholas Gabler

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What you will learn:

1. Disease and nutrition: the biggest takeaway;

2. Diseases vs. performance/nutrient requirements;

3. Growth and mortality;

4. Reporting research;

5. Gut health and microbiome;

6. Association vs. causation;

7. Latest microbiome research;

8. Thoughts on implementation;

9. Thoughts on gut health;

10. How to improve your critical thinking.

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Mycotoxins in Swine Production

The impact of mycotoxins — through losses in commodity quality and livestock health — exceeds $1.4 billion in the United States alone, according to the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. This guide includes:

  • An overview of different types of mycotoxins
  • Understanding of the effects of mycotoxicoses in swine
  • Instructions on how to analyze mycotoxin content in commodities and feeds
  • Innovative ways of combatting mycotoxins and their effects
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Meet the guest: Dr. Nicholas Gabler obtained his Bachelor of Agricultural Science from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. In 2005, he received his Ph.D. degree in Animal Nutrition and Physiology also from La Trobe University. Upon completion of his Ph.D., he conducted postdoctoral research in the USA at both Purdue and Iowa State Universities. In 2008 he joined the Animal Science Department at ISU as an assistant professor in fundamental swine nutrition and metabolism.