Swine it #122: Roundtable: Mycotoxin management - what to expect and how to best prepare

calendar icon 11 February 2022
clock icon 1 minute read

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Mycotoxins have always been a hassle to swine producers, especially with high concentration in the feed for the last few years. Therefore, it is important for us to understand how mycotoxins affect our pigs, and how best to manage high concentration in our feed. In today’s talk, Dr. Don Giesting and Dr. Chris Parks from Cargill discuss how to best mitigate the negative consequences from mycotoxins and what mycotoxin levels to expect in the coming year.

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What you'll learn:

  1. Current mycotoxin concentrations in feed
  2. The impact of droughts on mycotoxin levels
  3. The importance of mycotoxins in swine
  4. Typical mode of action
  5. Interactions between mycotoxins
  6. Zearalenone threshold considered acceptable
  7. Impact of mycotoxins on pigs
  8. Mitigating negative consequences
  9. T-2 mycotoxin
  10. Masked mycotoxins
  11. What to expect with mycotoxins in the future
  12. Key points

Meet the guests: Dr. Don Giesting leads the MicroNutrition innovation approach and execution at Cargill. He has several years of experience working with technology and product solutions, product development, and business development for several animal feed products at Cargill. Dr. Chris Parks works at Cargill within an account team structure (key account manager, nutritionist, nutrition analyst, and production specialist) to identify customer needs and develop solutions. He also works directly with customers on nutrition consulting (diet strategy, nutrient analysis, ingredient supplier selection, and economic modeling).

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