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Swine it #47: Packing plants, live production, pig business, and COVID-19 - Dr Brad Freking

16 July 2020, at 8:00am

[To survive major economic challenges], in my mind, producers should have about $100 per pig marketed annually of working capital capacity. If things get really bad, and I lose $50 per pig for 2 years, we will be OK.

Dr Brad Freking

What you will learn:⠀⠀⠀⠀

  • Thoughts on WHO’s asymptomatic, presymptomatic COVID-19 cases;
  • How fast are the packing plants recovering and product mix change?
  • What swine professionals sometimes misunderstand about packing plants;
  • Handling economic challenges as a pig business and on having cash reserves;
  • Biggest challenges on mid/long-term for the industry;
  • Why now is the best time to get herd immunity to COVID-19;
  • Internal research results: share with others or keep it with you?
  • Thoughts on people, processes and systems: why our managers have a profit & loss statement;
  • Why the quest for the best feed efficiency from a nutrition standpoint does not make sense;
  • Pigs/Sow/Year vs. quality pigs delivered to the nursery.
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Mycotoxins in Swine Production

The impact of mycotoxins — through losses in commodity quality and livestock health — exceeds $1.4 billion in the United States alone, according to the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. This guide includes:

  • An overview of different types of mycotoxins
  • Understanding of the effects of mycotoxicoses in swine
  • Instructions on how to analyze mycotoxin content in commodities and feeds
  • Innovative ways of combatting mycotoxins and their effects
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