Swine it #46: How to conduct research with no research barns - Dr Trey Kellner

13 July 2020, at 2:55pm

Since [this research] is done in your barns under commercial conditions, your management (good or bad), your intakes (good or bad), your growth (good or bad)… You don't have to make that application or interpretation. Some of the frustration that my peers have that in terms of having a wean-to-finish [commercial research] barn is that their health status or their intake is so different that they don't necessarily see the same response that they do once they try to put into production.

Dr Trey Kellner

What you will learn:

- Pros and cons of system-wide research studies;

- How many close-outs do you need?

- Revisiting the concept of an experimental unit;

- What is a rolling allotment?

- How to control for variation;

- How about sow research?

- Recent transition feeding study;

- A recent study on bump-feeding in late gestation: performance and economics;

- Multiplication of body weight gain: thoughts on intrinsic vs. extrinsic factors;

- How your priority might not be other people’s priorities.

Our guest is Dr Trey Kellner. Dr Kellner received his M.S. and Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 2017, following his B.S. at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Right after graduation, he joined AMVC Nutritional Services as their first Swine Nutritionist.