Swine it #54: From a technical role to CEO - Dr Robert van Barneveld

8 September 2020, at 1:17pm

Having [a fully-integrated model], these days, allows you to marry your supply to your demand and your disposal models, and it gives you some kind of protection in the business. So that's an important first step.

Dr Robert van Barneveld

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What you will learn

1. Latest research from Australia;

2. Major research breakthroughs from the last decades;

3. How many diets do really need?

4. Biggest lessons on running a pork business;

5. Thoughts on people and culture;

6. Thoughts on immunocastration;

7. Trends on growth-promoting antibiotics;

8. Why doesn’t Australia import new genetics?

Meet the guest: Dr Robert van Barneveld began his career in university faculties around Australia after receiving a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with First Class Honors and later a Ph.D. in swine nutrition from The University of Queensland, St Lucia. Robert has served on a number of industry and commercial boards within the industry and is now the Managing Director and CEO of Sunpork Group.