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Swine it # 55: How to optimize tunnel ventilation in pig barns - Dr Brett Ramirez

10 September 2020, at 1:34pm

When managing tunnel ventilation, we need to make sure we have wind. If there's no wind, we're effectively not providing any cooling, and the big driver of that is our fans. With that comes making sure our fans are performing optimally: belts are tight, functioning, clean, cones, and shutters are on. A lot of times, shutters can get dirty over winter, and if they don't get cleaned off by the time summer rolls around and pays to keep those shutters clean because they can knock down airflow over 15%

Dr Brett Ramirez

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What you will learn:

• Why do we raise pigs indoors?
• The most significant issues when managing tunnel ventilation;
• How can we fix those issues;
• Optimal temperature in late finishing;
• How do ventilation experts come up with the optimal recommendations?