WPX: Hamlet Protein offers new fiber solution for piglets

14 July 2021, at 12:30am

Hamlet Protein has recently ventured into creating fiber solutions for young pigs. They have traditionally produced protein solutions for young animals but have developed a new functional fiber solution to improve young pig digestion.

Diego Navarro, swine nutritionist with Hamlet Protein, discusses Hamlet Protein's new fiber solution for piglets with The Pig Site's Sarah Mikesell

“Our fiber solution is called HP Fiber Boost, and it's an enzymatically processed fiber. Producers add it to the diet, and what it does is it enhances gut health,” said Dr. Diego Navarro, swine nutritionist with Hamlet Protein. “What we do great here at Hamlet Protein is modulate the gut environment so that pigs are healthier - not just in the nursery, but also now in the sows.”

Hamlet Protein is currently focusing on the nursery, but they plan to run trials to optimize the fiber diet in sows. This product may replace or enhance synergies between other fiber components in sow diets.

Gut health has been a topic of conversation in the pig industry for a long time. Fiber is always an important part of a pig’s diet, but it’s important to know what the type of fiber does, and how it can be optimized in diets.

“We believe that the use of HP Fiber Boost will modulate the gut environment of young pigs - we have trials showing that we can effectively reduce the use of zinc oxide. This is a big thing especially in our European countries right now and is likely to eventually come here to the US,” said Navarro. "It would be, not necessarily a replacement, but it could work in conjunction with your other feed technologies. We're still in the development phase, but we plan on launching in the fall of 2021.”

Gut health of pigs can be difficult to navigate, and there’s no one correct answer. It’s different for every producer, and this product will allow for an accessible solution for many producers.