WPX: Hog Slat features innovative Infrared Feed Controller

21 July 2021, at 12:30am

At World Pork Expo, Tim King, an engineer with Hog Slat, discussed Hog Slat’s new Infrared Feed Controller.

Tim King, an engineer with Hog Slat, discusses Hog Slat's Infrared Feed Controller with The Pig Site's Sarah Mikesell

“The HS820 is an Infrared Feed Controller that uses infrared technology as opposed to mechanical proximity switches,” said King. “It’s much more reliable to monitor temperature changes and moisture changes in the feed. It's a much more robust system from that standpoint. We also have integrated different programming levels to feed delays, maximum run times, a lockout timer for 24-hour operations in case you don't want it to run at a specified time.

"It also features an innovative color-changing display, which lets the farmer see from a distance what is actually happening without having them walk to the controller and actually see in the door.”

The vivid colors in the color-changing display allow producers to view the controller up close or from the end of the barn, making it easy to quickly identify any issues.

The product is consistent and reliable due to its self-contained structure and maximum run-time feature that can maintain the barn without the work of a producer. Once producers program the controller for their setup, they should not need to manage it on a routine basis.