WPX: Osborne Industries introduces SaFIRE feeder

4 August 2021, at 12:30am

At World Pork Expo, Grady Godsey, a technical services representative for Osborne Industries, discussed their new product, SaFIRE. This product was created as a smaller version of Osborne’s FIRE feeder.

Grady Godsey, a technical services representative for Osborne Industries, discusses the SaFIRE Feeder with The Pig Site's Sarah Mikesell

The machine is designed to provide data to genetics companies, feed companies, universities and pharmaceutical companies that are looking for individual feed intake and weight information on each individual weaned pig.

“Our FIRE Feeder is typically 50 pounds on up to finishing,” said Godsey. “The inspiration for this was we had a lot of requests from genetic companies and others out there who are looking to gain more data on weaned pigs, as that's a very unknown period of time for babies in that stage. It’s a true ad-libitum feeder that provides free access to 12 to 15 head of baby pigs, up to about 75 pounds. It automatically collects information and provides users individual records that they're able to use for analysis on down the road. “

When pigs are in the nursery, feed intake is difficult to measure. This product can provide consumption and weight data for pigs for the first time. The industry is very focused on getting pigs off to a good start to ensure their health. The early stages of life are the most important for pigs, and the SaFIRE will help companies be able to learn and gain useful information to improve the piglet's experience.

Click here to learn more about the new SaFIRE feeder.