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7.6.1 Three Days before vaccination

* No antibiotics!

For a minimum of three days before and for three days after vaccination the animals must not be treated with antibiotics, either via the feed, via the drinking water nor by injection. This zero-antibiotics-rule does include antibiotics given at growth promote level as well.

It must be kept in mind that the vaccine contains live bacteria. These bacteria would be killed on contact with antibiotics thus rendering the vaccine ineffective. Therefore, it is vital to adhere to the rule not using antibiotics for at least three days before, on the day of vaccination and for three days after vaccination.

* Inspection and cleaning of the drinking water facility

It is recommended to administer the vaccine via a drinking water trough. However, it is also possible to vaccinate via a medicated drinking water facility with the help of a pro­portioner. Prior to vaccination, this facility needs to be inspected with regard to leaks and proper functioning. It should be cleaned and it is particularly important to make sure that antibiotic residues – especially in the drinking nozzles – are removed. The cleaning should be carried out using water without any disinfectants.

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