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8.2.1 What are the general conclusions from the trials in the USA, Canada and Mexico and what are the take home messages?

Pig production in the Americas takes place on larger farms when compared to Europe. Therefore the use of antibiotics is often the only way to ensure a constant production level. Furthermore, the cost of medication or vac­cination plays an important role in the return of investment ratio. Due to the problems with the acute form of Ileitis in Canada, many of the breeding organisations have incorporated Enterisol® Ileitis as a mandatory vaccination for all their gilts.

These studies have shown that Enterisol® Ileitis can generate a long lasting immunity that is at least as efficacious as routine antibiotic programmes, but at a lower cost. In two of the studies even better results were seen after vaccination when compared to the standard prophylaxis for Ileitis.

Since the introduction of the vaccine, in 2000 more than 100 million animals have been successfully vaccinated, and producers have seen the profits.

As consumers tend to favour a reduction in the use of antibiotics in livestock, Enterisol® Ileitis offers a very good alternative.

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